Why Online Gaming Is A Great Way To Find A Partner

Online dating is awkward and can be a big waste of time. So many of my friends had to started using apps to spy on text messages for their girlfriends. Forget online dating – online gaming is the best way to find a partner. Thousands of people are meeting new partners every year on games like Everquest and World Of Warcraft as well as gaming through game systems like Xbox and on sites like Twitch. Gaming is the perfect way to meet a new partner because it’s not awkward, there are plenty of activities that you can do, and you can really learn a lot about the other person by how they approach the game. It’s true! For example:

Raids Tell You If They Will Be A Good Partner

Assembling the right raid party is critical to the success of the mission. You need to have a tank, a DPS, a healer and other members in order for the entire group to finish the mission and get the loot. When you go raiding with someone you get to see how that person functions in a partnership. Are they steady and calm under pressure? Do they do their share of the work without complaint? Are they responsible and do they anticipate the needs of the group? A good raid group member would also make a good partner in life. Many have had success in games such as World of Warcraft.

You Can See How They Manage Their Money

If your potential partner is strutting through game spending gold and plat on every new outfit, pet, and mount that’s a pretty good indication that they like to spend money and value status over saving. And if you are a person that is a saver that might mean that person isn’t a good fit for you. But at least you will know early on and not have money problems split you apart later on. And if you’re both savers or both spenders then you will know that you’re financially compatible.

world of warcraft
I met my girlfriend through World of Warcraft!

You Will Find Out If They Are Immature

This is very important to know about a potential partner. How do they react when they lose a fight, can’t defeat a boss, or die repeatedly on the same quest? If they throw a fit and get upset then you should probably keep looking for a different partner. But if they take it in stride and can handle defeat as well as they handle success that is a pretty big sign that person is mature enough to be a good partner.

You Can Observe Them With Friends

How a person acts around their friends says a lot about who they are. If you’re dating someone that you meet on a dating site you probably won’t get the chance to see how they act around friends for at least a few dates, if you even get that far. But if you look for a partner in game you will get to see how that person treats friends, their guild, and strangers online. If they are kind and patient, helpful, and reliable then you will know they have what it takes to be a good partner. And if they are mean, impatient, immature or act like trolls you will know not to waste your time.

So forget online dating, and try online gaming to find your next partner.

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